How to Winterize a Lawn Mower

As the winter season arrives and the lawn-mowing season comes to an end, now is the time to prep your mower for the winter, so it’s ready for next spring. While it can be easy to store your lawnmower away and not worry about it until next season, this can make it harder for your mower to start and run when you need it. Try taking these four preventative steps to ensure there won’t be any issues with your lawnmower a few months from now:

Stabilize or empty the fuel system

If you’ve used your lawnmower towards the end of the season, the fuel system should be emptied. First, siphon or drain the gas tank completely empty. If the mower has a fuel preservative, you can save this until next spring. However, if the gasoline has not had a preservative added to it, you should use up the gasoline as soon as possible. Allowing gasoline to sit in your mower all winter long can cause the ethanol and other chemical components in it to separate and degrade.

Remove the battery

If you own a lawnmower tractor, remove its battery and bring it indoors for the winter. Be sure to also clean the battery well by removing any dust, grease, and dirt. You can then store the battery in a cool, dry location away from any flammable or heat substances. The same goes for a cordless, battery-powered motor: remove the battery and store it indoors. Come next spring, you’ll be able to reinstall it into the mower and have it working at full capacity.

Change the oil and air filter

Be sure to check the owner’s manual to determine how and when you need to clean or remove the air and fuel filter from your lawnmower. You can also check your owner’s manual on how to change the oil in your lawnmower and give your mower a clean start for the next season. Doing both of these tasks can ensure your lawnmower has a longer life-span and is prepared to perform better for the lawn-cutting season.

Lubricate moving parts

Before you store away the mower for the winter, try using a damp cloth to wipe down the engine housing, handle, wheels, and top of the mowing deck. After this, dry the mower with a towel. Finally, you should lubricate any exposed cable-movement points and pivot points with a quality spray lubricant. This will help in the prevention of corrosion or build-up with the moving parts of your mower.

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