What is Drip Irrigation? Here’s What You Should Know

Drip Irrigation

For many homeowners tending to gardens, there is a constant struggle to reduce water consumption without sacrificing results. If you are looking to save water, use it efficiently, and grow healthy plants, drip irrigation may be the solution for you.

Drip irrigation is the simple process of directing water efficiently to the base of a plant. This process gives homeowners the peace of mind knowing that they aren’t wasting water or money by over irrigating.

Drip irrigation ensures that plants are getting the exact amount of water they need to maintain a lush and beautiful appearance. Fortunately, installing a drip irrigation system is a straightforward process that takes very little time.

When Do I Use Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is compatible with:

  • Trees
  • Large shrubs
  • Flower beds
  • Patio plants
  • Vegetables
  • Roses and other plants that need little water

Drip irrigation is perfectly suited for West Texas’ windy and dry environment. To combat wind, water is administered directly to the roots of the plants and the efficient use of water works well for drought-prone climates.

Installing Your Own Drip Irrigation System

Connect to Your Water Source

The first step to installation requires connection to a water source via outdoor faucet or irrigation valve. Connecting to an outdoor faucet is the quickest and easiest way to water flower beds and potted plants. An alternative to reach other plants is to convert a sprinkler head in your underground sprinkler system to a supply source.


Once you have connected your water source, you are ready to setup distribution tubes. This step is where you layout your tubing network to determine what areas you want to water. Your tubing pattern can be set up as a grid or customized to fit your specific needs. You will want to utilize ½ inch tubing to connect the water source and main arteries. Use ¼ inch tubing for the branch lines that water the individual plants.

Water Away

Now that you’ve connected to a water source, determined your watering pattern, and fit the right pipes, you’re free to supply as much water as needed.

If you have any questions about drip irrigation, contact Watermaster at (806) 797-9044 or stop by and visit our store.

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