Carta – Measuring Made Easy – All From Your Smart Phone.

Discover the benefits of Carta’s user-friendly measuring system. With multiple benefits and time-saving features, Carta is a farmer’s new best friend.


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Measuring Made Easy. Right From Your Smart Phone.

  • Draw Complex Paths – IN REAL TIME
  • Calculate Area in REAL TIME (sq ft, cubic yards)
  • Quick & Easy Material Estimation
  • Create, store, and Export Digital “As-Builts”
  • GPS Guidance to Real World Points
  • Spray Attachment for Marking
  • Add Images, Tags, Notes and More

Save Time. Save Money.

Save time, money, and headaches by eliminating the need to do complex math on the job. Carta is the first digital measuring wheel to virtually map as-builts including irrigation systems, drainage fields, outdoor lighting/sound layouts. Easily calculate distance, square footage, cubic yards with Carta.

Save important notes, images, and videos on any project to use later or share with others for fast collaboration. Use Carta’s guide mode to relocate selected marks to find buried valve covers, key junction points, etc. With Carta – quotes are faster and easier saving you time and cost.

Easy Mapping.

Carta delivers a state-of-the-art, real-time mapping and measuring system – displayed directly on your smartphone. Simply wheel along the edges of an area using Carta to digitally capture the shape and dimensions.

Carta effortlessly measures ANY curved or freeform shape then instantly derives square footage, cubic yards/feet, perimeter data, etc. No more squaring off complex shapes then overestimating your material – and inflating your quote.

Using Carta to map out a new garden, deck, irrigation systems, and other projects takes only a few easy steps.