Making Sure You Are Ready for Spring

Spring Start Up Check List

With spring in full swing, it is essential to set aside a Sunday afternoon to make sure your sprinklers are working correctly. Nobody wants to have unsightly, brown grass for the spring season. Let’s see what you can do to boost your chances of having a pretty, green lawn this year.

Sprinkler Controller

If you have not checked your sprinkler system since you turned it off for the winter, then you may want to do a run through to make sure it is working properly. First, you would want to make sure that your sprinkler controller has fresh batteries and that it is plugged in. Checking that is the most crucial part of the spring checklist; without the functioning remote, you would not be able to get the system up and going. After you verify that it is good to go, you then want to make sure to turn on each zone of your controller to test the sprinklers properly. So far so good, this doesn’t seem too difficult. Let’s keep going.
Lubbock Irrigation Supply - Watermaster pros
Lubbock Irrigation Supply - Watermaster pros

Sprinkler Heads

After making sure your controller is working, you then want to check to see if the sprinkler heads pop up after the buttons on the remote have been pressed. This next part is also vital. Next what you will need to do is to go around to each sprinkler to make sure that there are no leaks or areas that have low pressure. If you see areas of concern, you can visit with our Irrigation Professionals to determine the best way to correct the problem.

Sprinkler Rotation

Depending on how much you’re watering, you should then go to each sprinkler head and make sure that they are rotating correctly, by creating a full circle. If you notice that the sprinkler heads are watering unnecessary things like sidewalks, your house or even your neighbor’s yard, then try to readjust the head to gain more coverage.

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Proper Sprinkler Care

The goal is still trying to achieve green grass; therefore, to get to that point, there are a couple more things left to do. When checking the sprinklers’ performance earlier, you may need to clean and replace the filters on the sprinkler heads that are not doing as well as the others. By doing this step, it allows you to be able to adjust the below-grade sprinklers to keep them from getting blocked

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Lastly, program your controller to make sure that your sprinkler system waters your grass on the days that you schedule. Just a tip, when programming your remote, select the cycle and soak method to keep you from having water run-off. We hope that after doing these things, you and your yard will be ready for the warmer months to come.  
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