Soil Sensor-Based Precision Irrigation By Woodpecker Microsystems

A range of robust, field proven sensors provide
accurate soil water status throughout the year.

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Soil sensors accurately measure plant available water at multiple depths in the soil profile and report at hourly intervals.

Sensors are calibrated for the soil type at the deployed field, so accurate soil water status is reported to a cloud-based application.

A long-range wireless communication network ensures data is sent from sensors deployed across a wide area, securely to a desktop or smartphone application.

Data from on-site weather stations and forecast services are used with crop models to provide current soil water status and future plant water needs.

Although monitoring soil water status provides great insight into plant water availability it may not accurately reflect actual plant water use or need.

By observing the plant itself it is possible to estimate exact amount of water consumed under various weather conditions and irrigation regimes.

Our sensors monitor minor variations in plant physical conditions and provide growers unique insights into actual plant water use and alert for possible water stress conditions that could adversely affect yield.

The Benefits

  • Reduce Pumping Costs
  • Maintain Ideal soil water level for optimal plant health
  • Avoid yield loss due to under or overwatering
  • Conserve groundwater and soil health
  • Minimize nutrient leaching below the root zone
  • Reduce nutrient run-offs due to overwatering
  • Accurate inputs for variable rate irrigation (VRI) based on current soil water in the soil profile and expected plant water use
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