Which Exmark Lawn Mower is Best for Your Yard?

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Picking a mower can be a tough decision whether you’ve bought one before, never bought one or have limited prior knowledge. There’s no foolproof method for choosing the mower that you would prefer, but we can tell you that ExMark is the way to go. This list will focus on breaking down the best mower for you based on yard size.

When do I need to use a self-propelled mower?

Typically, yards between a fourth of an acre and a half of an acre are easiest to mow with an Exmark self-propelled gas mower. Yards in this size range are typical of most suburban neighborhoods. At this size, you would want to consider a gas self-propelled mower, which cuts grass faster than a typical, old-fashioned push mower. The powered wheels are ideal for pushing around the yard and up sloped surfaces. Most self-propelled mowers feature multiple drive speed, rear-wheel drive, 21-inch cutting decks and adjustable blades.

When do I need to use a riding mower?

If your yard is a half acre or larger, you should consider one of Exmark’s gas riding mower. This category of mowers can be broken down into two groups: riding tractors and zero-turn-radius mowers (ZTRs). Both groups are qualified for cutting large yards but differ in cost, reduced quality, and speed. Tractors provide an even cut but can lack in the maneuverability category. ZTR models offer more maneuverability and the ability to move in place.

Why should I buy an Exmark mower?

Today’s Exmark products are far more comfortable to use, translating into more profitability for landscape professionals and a more pleasurable mowing experience for homeowners. Today more than ever, Exmark leads the industry with exciting innovations designed to increase engine life and boost overall productivity. Our advanced RED Onboard Intelligence Platform powers unprecedented communication among key systems on our mowers. Our ultra-efficient EFI engines which are designed to boost fuel economy significantly, compared to conventional carbureted engines. Landscapers and homeowners who use Lazer Z X-Series mowers with our exclusive RED Technology find they get better fuel-efficiency, too. Better still, these mowers are available in environmentally friendly propane options.

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Ultimately, your decision will not be made by this blog post but by your own informed opinion and research. So, visit Watermaster to ask questions, request a demo, take a test ride or even try out the model you’re considering at the store.

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