Step-by-Step Guide to Springing Your Sprinklers into Action

Winter is on its way out and spring is here, meaning it’s time to give your home’s sprinkler system the attention it deserves! If you want your lawn to be the best on the block, you must first ensure your sprinkler system is in tip-top shape to keep your grass looking healthy and lush. These step-by-step instructions from Watermaster Irrigation will unlock the secrets of a strong sprinkler system and even healthier lawn! 

Test Your System

To get an idea of the current shape of your sprinkler system, you should first conduct your own preliminary test. Although this test may be surface level, it could still reveal some glaring issues with your sprinkler system. Watch for low water pressure and leaks around your valves, connections, and pipes. Take note of any areas of concern that may need repairs or replacement parts. Also be sure to double check that your sprinkler heads are properly aligned and covering the intended area. Even issues as small as this can hurt your property, pockets, and lawn! 

Check for and Clear Any Debris 

Because your sprinkler system likely didn’t get much use over the winter months, your sprinkler heads may be obstructed by debris. Items like twigs, leaves, stones, and even overgrown weeds can block the water produced by your sprinkler heads. This issue is an easy one to fix but can still have negative effects on the performance of your sprinkler system and thus the health of your lawn! 

Schedule Professional Maintenance 

Professional maintenance on your sprinkler system can be highly beneficial whether your initial system tests reveal serious issues or not. Professional technicians will be able to quickly and accurately identify less glaring issues in your sprinkler system that homeowners often overlook. For example, the experts at Watermaster can remap your sprinkler system’s layout to ensure maximum coverage and minimum water usage. If you want to prolong the life of your home’s sprinkler system and have a lawn that stands out, regular professional sprinkler maintenance is pivotal.  

Install Gauges and Sensors 

Because spring is typically the wettest season, you may be able to use the weather to your advantage to take some stress off of your home’s sprinkler system. Consider installing both a rain sensor and a rain gauge to learn how you can leverage the weather. A rain sensor will notify your sprinkler system when the precipitation has eliminated the need for your sprinklers. Similarly, a rain gauge will allow you to manually measure the amount of rain received and determine whether you need to run your sprinklers. If you get ¾ to an inch of rain in a week, you can shut off your sprinklers and let mother nature do the work! 

Consider Upgrading Your Sprinkler System 

If you haven’t been giving your sprinklers the attention they need, it may be time to consider upgrading your system. Over time, parts of your sprinkler system can become outdated and inefficient, hurting your system’s performance and eventually the health of your lawn. The experts at Watermaster have over 30 years of experience in residential irrigation and installing high-tech options like automatic sprinkler systems. Not only can they remap your entire sprinkler system, but they can also install a cutting-edge Hydrawise Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller that automatically adapts watering based on data from local weather stations! That’s the Watermaster difference.  

Watermaster Irrigation 

The power to optimize your sprinkler system for the spring is now in your hands thanks to Watermaster Irrigation. Following these steps will ensure your sprinkler system is ready to deliver your lawn with what it needs to thrive throughout the spring and summer! If you live in Lubbock, Texas or its surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call Watermaster Irrigation for reliable, affordable irrigation work. Get your sprinklers and your lawn ready for spring today! 

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