How Are Sprinkler Systems Designed?

Designing efficient sprinkler systems is an intricate process that requires lots of strategic thinking. In addition to using your ingenuity and know-how, we recommend consulting an irrigation expert.

Know what you want.

It would be best to decide what elements you’ll want in your yard: flower beds, turfgrass, and gardens with different watering requirements. You can add as many features to your landscape as you would like, make sure you have envisioned what you want the entirety of the landscape to look like before you begin designing your sprinkler system. Also, ensure you have your turfgrass and other landscape plants picked out before starting the design process.

Prepare for your consult.

Before our irrigation experts can help you design a sprinkler system, we’ll need your information. We recommend that you have the below items ready and on hand whenever you come to Watermaster for a design consultation.

Things to bring with you to your consult:

  • Plot survey: a plan of the area you want to water  with dimensions of the space, including any slopes or hills
  • The location of your water supply and an understanding of how best to access it
  • The size of your water meter or well to determine how much water you will expect to use in the new system

Get what you need.

After your design consultation at Watermaster, we’ll give you a complete design plan and list of all the parts you’ll need to execute it. From there, you can either purchase your items in-store or online. We carry all major brands of residential irrigation products. Instead of trying to push one product on you, we will use our expertise to find the supplies that best fit your needs.

DIY…or don’t.

We cater to DIYers and can even give you some pointers to help your project go smoothly. But, if you are not the home maintenance type, we will recommend some Licensed Irrigators you can work with to get the job done right.

Why Watermaster?

Our certified professionals are adept at working within the guidelines to produce the highest quality results. Moreover, we can even help you design your system to meet any irrigation needs and requirements you may have or want. Contact Watermaster online, or call 806-797-9044

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