FAQ’s: How Do I Choose The Right Lawn Sprinkler System?

It is never too late to plan to install a brand-new sprinkler system or even replace an outdated one. There are a few different options for sprinkler systems, but the small challenge is trying to figure out the one that meets your needs and requirements.  

Sprinkler systems can give you what you’ve always wanted – a green, healthy lawn.

Creating your Sprinkler vision

When working with Watermaster, we want your input, design ideas, and what you want most from your sprinkler system. A, you help us, we help you sort of thing, so our team members can give you precisely what you want. You will need to supply us with a plot survey. A plot survey entails a plan of the area that needs irrigation followed by its dimensions and notes of incline change or hills. Another important thing we will need from you is the location of your water supply and the size of your water meter.  

Choosing the right system

Depending on whether you need irrigation for your lawn, flowerbeds, or garden is the deciding factor for which sprinkler system you’ll need. All our team members, who specialize in irrigation systems, are willing to work with you face-to-face and would even be available if you decided to pop in and ask us questions.  

What we offer

We provide the highest quality residential irrigation products, and we are more than willing to assist you in helping design a system that is unique to you. By installing a new sprinkler system, you can pay less money on your bill while conserving water. When you decide to make an appointment with us, we will be able to know precisely where to place your sprinkler heads so that you are not watering things that you don’t need to. We offer endless possibilities because we understand that every client and every project is different in its way.  

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