K-Line Pod Irrigation

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You might be wondering what a K-Line Pod Irrigation is and what the benefits of it are. In simple terms, it is an irrigation system designed in a way that makes it easier to water large amounts of land that have not already been piped for irrigation.

Unlike comparable systems, our K-Line Pod Irrigation system only has three moving parts: the pumps, the heads of the sprinkler and the person on the ATV moving the line.  

Sounds straightforward, right?   

Typical uses of a K-Line Pod Irrigation system

Summer is fast approaching, whether we like it or not. During these hot months, it is advised to water your grass correctly so it can look as green and alive as possible. Knowing the places that this system would fit best in will help give a better picture of whether it would be a help to you.  

K-Line Pod Irrigation System works best in:

  • Pasture, alfalfa, and forage irrigation
  • Land Reclamation
  • Effluent disposal
  • Fire and dust control
  • Sod farm irrigation
  • Logging moisture control
  • Vegetable and orchard irrigation
  • Golf courses

Indoor and outdoor arena air conditioning Racetrack and equestrian conditioning

K-Line Pod benefits

If you are considering this system and do not know whether it will work with your terrain or not, don’t worry! The K-Line Pod irrigation system is unique in that it works with any terrain, no matter if there are inclines or rough patches. This feature was one of the main focuses during the design process, no matter the terrain, watering consistency is still the same thanks to the pressure compensated sprinklers.  

The pods themselves are solid. A piece of polyethylene joins with a long-lasting weighted base to form the pod while creating a barrier for the sprinkler components on the inside. Thus, making it easier for water to travel deep into the soil with no run-off.  

How to use it properly

What’s great about this system, is that the K-Line can be moved quickly and easily while saving you time. Shifting the K-Lines can be done about once a day, at a convenient time for the system owner. On an ATV, the operator can successfully move even a 500-ft K-Line in under four minutes. The sprinklers can also remain on during shifting, making it even more time efficient.   

Our website offers pictures and visuals that will help you visualize your new potential K-Line Pod Irrigation system.  

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