Outdoor Decor for Cooler Weather

You can have a Pinterest-worthy front porch with these tips.

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful porch for guest to adore as they come over for holiday dinner parties and cozy movie nights. You might find yourself scrolling through Pinterest, feeling frustrated, at decor that is probably unattainable. So, instead of us showing you pictures of displays created by fancy interior designers, we wanted to give you some DIY tips.

Decor Tip #1: Utilize baskets and boxes.

An easy way to add height and dimension to your porch decor is layer boxes and baskets to create height and dimension. Look at your local home decor or hobby store for some pieces you can mix and match. Stacked crates, turned on their side, are the easiest way to create a structure that you can decorate around.

Decor Tip #2: Choose wood furniture.

A wooden chair or bench is an easy way to maximize your porch while staying with the rustic and cozy theme. Plus, it will look good even if there’s severe weather. I’d recommend keeping fabric decor to a minimum because it will show wear and tear.

Decor Tip #3: Bring in nature.

Draw style inspiration from the outdoors around you, and then collect elements that can be used on your front porch. Branches, twigs, leaves, pumpkins, squash, and florals are all great pieces to add to your display. Either, go for the real thing, or buy replicas from your local decor and hobby stores.

Decor Tip #4: Throw it together.

Don’t overthink your porch arrangement. Instead, just have fun playing with different set-ups and re-arranging the objects you find until you arrive at something you like. No need to obsess over achieving perfection, decorating is supposed to be fun!

Decor Tip #5: Add personal touches.

Once you’ve got the central arrangement laid out, add some personal touches to it. Whether it be a wooden sign, a unique handcrafted piece or even framed photos make sure to include items unique to you. It’s about achieving the homey factor.


Once your porch is decorated all cute, make sure to actually enjoy it!


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