Fertilizer Best Practices and Why Your Lawn Needs It

When it comes to lawn fertilizer, there are a few things you can do to create a healthy lawn that’s less susceptible to weeds and disease. With a spreader, some grass fertilizer, and 15 minutes, you can be on your way to a thicker, greener lawn– and here are some simple steps on how to do it.  

  1. Start by watering your lawn: A few days prior to feeding your lawn, give it a good watering; this will help ensure that your soil is ready to accept lawn fertilizer.  
  2. Pick the best spreader for your lawn: Spreaders vary into two main categories; broadcast and drop. The application process for both spreaders differs and can control your lawn’s outcome, scroll down to learn more about spreaders, and which ones a better fit for your yard. From here, adjust spreader settings as each fertilizer product has a unique setting for correct coverage. Check the bag to make sure you’re selecting the proper setting for your fertilizer.  
  3. Next, apply grass fertilizer around the perimeter: Feeding around the perimeter will allow you to fertilize the rest of the lawn without worrying about any missed edges. 
  4. Then, fill in the middle: Similar to mowing patterns, feed your lawn by walking back and forth in straight lines while slightly overlapping one another to ensure every inch of your lawn is getting fertilized.   
  5. Lastly, correctly handle the remaining product: Once you’ve completed fertilizing your lawn, return any excess product to the bag and store it for future use. Be sure to keep it in a cool and dry place away from pets and children. 

 Why Fertilize? 

Just like we need more nutrients than water can provide to survive, so does your yard. Feeding your lawn up to 4 times a year with the best lawn food helps it stay green and grow healthier than ever. Maintaining a thick, lush lawn helps prevent weed seeds and diseases from sprouting and moving in.   

Fertilizing Benefits

As said before, there’s one simple secret to making the most of your lawn without a lot of hassle, and that’s with regular feedings. Nourishing your lawn two-four times a year can turn a so-so lawn into a kick-off-your-shoes lawn that the whole family can enjoy. While fertilizing has many benefits, below we’ve provided it’s top four.   

Disease Resistance  

Has your lawn ever begun balding, or have you ever lost a significant portion of your grass all at once? This is often a symptom of disease, which attacks the grass from the very root. When grass is given the right nutrients to grow, it is much less susceptible to disease. It’s important to remember that grass is living, breathing nature right outside your door; It needs the right nutrients to protect it from illness.  

Weed Reduction  

Most fertilizers carry weed prevention treatments. Even those that don’t provide weed control help by giving healthy grass the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong. Healthy grass with a deep bed of roots will be less likely to become victims of weeds.   

Resistance to Pests 

A healthy lawn that’s been appropriately fertilized is not only less prone to weeds and diseases; it is also more resistant to pest damage. Whether or not your fertilizer includes insecticides, the thicker and healthier your lawn grows, the harder it is for pests to take hold.   

Improved Overall Growth 

Most homeowners understand the frustration that comes with thick growing grass in one area of the yard, only to sparse in another. This is often due to a lack of nutrients in less lush’s part of the yard. The uneven nutrients occur due to natural factors such as soil differentially. With lawn fertilizer, you can ensure uniform growth with the entire lawn looking lush and thick with our simple step by step fertilizing practices above!  

As spring is among us, so are the backyard parties and barbecues– from trampolines and kids to neighbors and friends. They’re everything a thick green lawn was made for. Enjoy family activities outside with regular feedings that provide nutrients that your lawn needs to look and feel its best without the stress of weeds, heat, drought.

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