How To Conserve Water With A Sprinkler System

Half of the water used in most households is due to watering landscapes and gardens. This is normal, most individuals want a healthy lawn to enjoy and avoid home structural issues. However, those with a sprinkler system may be wasting precious water, due to runoff or excessive overwatering. Here are some simple tips that can help you prevent wasting water and potentially save you money.

Check your sprinkler heads

A common water wastage issue is that sprinkler heads are not positioned correctly. Over time, the heads may be moved or knocked around when enjoying outdoor activities, resulting in wasting water on a cement road or plants that do not need daily watering. At least once a month, check your irrigation system for misaligned sprinkler heads. It can save you water and money.

Reminder: check for water pressure. Many sprinkler systems are designed to spray large quantities of water over a short period, which also may be wasting water.

Check the Weather

Precipitation also seems to fluctuate in Lubbock. Some months like May/June and September/October, are consistently average…. Other months are dry” and give examples of those. So, consider purchasing a rain sensor or a smart controller to conserve water when we do receive rainfall.

Native Plants

Plants that are native to the region will use less water. Stop by a local gardening company and find out which plants best suit your area. Choosing plants that can adapt to your climate is an excellent way to achieve a luscious garden and help save even more water.

Drip Irrigation

Invest in a drip irrigation system, it works by delivering water directly to the roots of plants, trees, bushes, etc. The water slowly seeps from the pipe into the soil, drop by drop. Practically no water is lost to evaporation or through water running off into other directions. It has been shown that a drip irrigation system can save anywhere from 30% to 50% water compared to other methods.

Tip: With a drip irrigation system, you can choose the emitter (the part of the pipe that emits the water). Different emitters can be used for various trees, bushes, flowers, etc., in effort to use less water. If you still have more questions on how to save water, contact Watermaster Irrigation by visiting or calling (806) 797-9044.

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