Throw an Awesome Fall Party-Outside!

Cool Weather Makes For Great Outdoor Events…

When we think about parties, we think of flip-flops, swimming and grilling outside. And while everybody loves a summer bash, the party doesn’t have to end just because the weather cools down. Here’s some general advice for throwing a fall, or even winter, outdoor party.

First, you’ll need lighting.

It is entirely possible to throw a fun outdoor party in the fall and winter, but not in the dark! So, consider investing in landscape lighting for your home. It will make it possible to use your outdoor space even after the sun has gone down! To learn more about how to design landscape lighting, check out our blog article on Lighting Tips & Tricks.

In addition to landscape lighting, you’ll want to add some fun decorative lighting to inject some personality. String lights, candles, lanterns, or even tiki torches can add to your outdoor party vibe. Don’t be afraid to get creative with light sources.

Bring the warmth.

Tell your friends to come to your party bundled up. But, you still need to make your outdoor space warm. Make sure your seating is cushioned and provide some blankets for your guests to use. If you can, try to use a few space heaters to keep guests warm. Just a few warm areas will take the icy edge off!

Go for an open fire.

Whether you’ve got a full-blown fire pit constructed into your porch, or you just set up some smaller pits outside, an open pit is a must. It’s very social and offers limitless food options. Hotdogs, kebabs, even fondue could all be dinner options. With s’mores being the obvious choice for dessert. Everybody loves to sit around a fire and just hang out!

Have some fun with it.

Add all the fun elements that you would to any other party: snacks, drinks, music, and games are still must-haves. With an outdoor party in colder weather, it’s a good idea to have some fun yard games for guests to play, like corn hole and croquet.

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