How to Rescue Grass from August Heat

Texas summers require homeowners to take special care of turfgrass.

Dr. Becky Grubbs, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service turfgrass specialist in College Station, has published a Water-Wise Checklist for Texas Home Lawns and Other Turfgrass Areas to help with lawn maintenance this summer.

Keep grass on the longer side.

While still staying within the recommended length for the type of turfgrass you have, keep grass longer in the summer. Taller grass promotes root growth. And root growth means that the soil will receive more water at even deeper levels of soil.

The ⅓ rule is golden.

The golden rule of mowing is “mow frequently enough to never remove more than 1/3 of the total grass mowing height at one time.” Otherwise, you might scalp your grass. When you stress your lawn, it will not tolerate drought or heat. The stressed grass becomes more susceptible to pests or fungal pathogens.

Resist the urge to over water.

It’s a common tendency of homeowners to over water in the summer, indicated by pools of water and run-off on sidewalks and driveways. Instead, water infrequently, but deeply. Dr. Grubbs says to “try to water to a depth of approximately 6″ each time you water.” This way of water will make the roots of turfgrass denser and deeper. Also, this is the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient way to water your lawn.

Water while the sun is down.

Watering late in the evening or early in the morning will reduce water loss caused by evaporation. Watering during sundown reduces overall leaf wetness, which means less potential for disease. Lastly, evening watering schedules are the most efficient use of water.

It’s about the Cycle Soak Method.

According to Dr. Grubbs “cycle soaking improves soil water infiltration and reduces runoff by “pulsing” water onto the lawn in small amounts over several hours.” Make sure to pick out an irrigation system that is designed to promote Cycle Soak.

Have the right equipment.

Every landscape is different, and they all require different mowing and irrigation needs. That’s why you should consult the irrigation experts at Watermaster Irrigation. They’ll design an irrigation plan for you and provide the parts to install it.

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