How to Maintain your Lawn Mower

Like any other machine, lawnmowers work correctly as long as they are appropriately maintained. Here are some helpful maintenance tips to keep your lawn mower running fantastic.


One of the most important ways in which a mower can be preserved is by storing it in a proper place. Consider an insulated shed or garage, then cover the mower with a tarp or heavy cloth. The reason is that a machine of this kind needs to be stored in an area that protects it from the elements. The mower will keep functioning correctly for years by avoiding cold winters and damp environments. 


After every use, the lawn mower should be cleaned thoroughly. Following proper cleaning techniques can prevent grass and other particles from clogging and cutting down the mower’s lifespan.

Reminder: do not forget to clear out the lawn bag. Empty it after every use. If not, the bag will become overfilled and may break. 


Periodically check the engine. Ensure that nothing is lodged within the motor that can cause it to malfunction. Also, just like a car, ensure the engine always has the correct amount of oil. If the oil is low, the mower will not function at full performance, and not checking oil levels can lead to engine failure and possible engine damage.

Lawn Mower Blades

The most critical component of the mower is its blades. Check for sharpness and accuracy. If the blades are dull, they certainly will not cut properly. If they need to be sharpened, take safety precautions before doing any maintenance to them. 

Not sure how to safely sharpen your mower’s blades? Stop by your local Watermaster today, and our experienced employees can help you maintain your lawn mower, including sharpening the blades or ordering and installing new ones.

Tip: many mowers come with a limited-time warranty. Locate the customer service number for the manufacturer with a simple Google search and give them a call. If the blades are still under warranty, they will ship you new ones immediately as long as they are in stock.

The Owner’s Manual

This booklet seems to be the most forgotten item when buying something new. However, it comes with tons of information about the lawn mower. It has advice on how to operate the mower properly and when maintenance is needed, it can provide valuable information about different components. Do not throw it away. Keep it handy in case something happens to the mower. 

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