What To Do When Your Lawn Is Always Dry

Heat waves will slowly roll into West Texas as we enter the summertime. Consequently, the health of your lawn will take a toll and become dry as a bone. You might be tempted to water the lawn to rejuvenate it heavily. Sadly, it worsens the problem. Watering the lawn should make the grass grow, but overwatering can cause damage. Take a look at these tips to help build a healthy lawn.

Let Nature Do Its Job

In some situations (typically not during the summer in Lubbock), water from rain is enough to maintain a typical lawn. The only times you might need to water the lawn is when the weather has been harsh and the grass begins to look dull. For example, it may lose its coloring and its springiness.  

Avoid the Excess of Water

Many people have the misconception that lightly watering their lawn daily is the best option. However, a deep and thorough watering a couple of times a week is much more efficient. It helps avoid shallow roots and grow a vibrant and healthy lawn. Installing a drip irrigation system that switches on at set times will help the grass receive the correct amount of water (about a quarter inch twice a week).

Rain Gauge

A rain gauge can help resolve how much water your lawn collects from the rain and sprinkler system. So, if the lawn is too dry or wet, the sprinkler system can be adjusted accordingly.

Best Time of Day

The best practice to water your lawn is in the morning or early evening. It allows the lawn to dry naturally while the temperature is cool. Stay clear of watering when the sun is strongest in the middle of the day, and do not leave the sprinkler system running throughout the night. Too much water can cause harm to the lawn.

Tip: A smart controller takes it even a step further and ensures you only water what is needed when needed.

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