Why Use Drip Irrigation?

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Why Use Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is any watering system that slowly applies a small amount of water at a gradual rate across the soil. Sometimes referred to as micro-irrigation or trickle irrigation, drip irrigation is becoming increasingly popular and offers several great benefits for business owners. So why use drip irrigation? Here are some of the benefits:

Water efficiency and conservation

Typical sprinkler systems are, on average, about 75% water efficient, while drip irrigation systems have 90% or higher water efficiency. High-pressure sprinkler systems deliver too much water to the soil too quickly, which results in puddles that are unhealthy for plants, or is wasted through runoff and evaporation.

Targets the root of the problem

Drip irrigation systems can be timed to target plants at their roots, which is where the water is actually absorbed. Targeting root systems will provide your plants the water they need, while also saving you money and water.


When a drip irrigation is properly installed, you can expect to see up to a 50% reduction in annual water usage for your landscaping, saving you significant costs.

Discourages weeds and pests

Water that sits on top of your soil will increase your risk of pests and the growth of weeds and fungus. A drip irrigation system directs water to the root systems of plants, preventing these irritating issues.

Easy installation

A drip irrigation system can easily be installed by you! Installing a drip irrigation system yourself will save you money, help protect the environment and provide water directly to the root systems of your plants. We are able to provide thorough instructions on how to install the system yourself.

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