The Exmark Lawn Mower

There’s an old saying that simple and easy tasks become harder and more complicated with the wrong set of equipment, which stands to be true with outdoor lawn equipment. It’s feasible for smaller yards to use a hand push reel mower or an electric push reel mower to get the job done. However, using any push mower will be time-consuming and tiresome for more extensive sized lands. For these purposes, the best outdoor equipment to use undoubtedly is the Exmark Lawnmower. Providing quality comfort, top-notch performance, improved fuel efficiency, and cutting-edge innovationsthe Exmark Lawnmower continues to raise the bar in professional lawn care.   

Exmark Brings You Comfort  

Advanced science means more comfort. At Watermaster, we can assure you that no other turf care manufacturer has worked hard to become an expert in the science of operator comfort. Today’s Exmark products are guaranteed quality comfort, allowing more profitability for landscape professionals and a more pleasurable mowing experience for homeowners. Cut after cuter, year after yearensuring that you have the time and energy to engage in your passions after completing the job.   

Exmark Provides Top-Notch Performance 

Don’t settle for less when it comes to outdoor equipment. Exmark continuously leads the industry with exciting innovations designed to increase engine life and boost overall productivity. Our advanced RED Onboard Intelligence Platform performs exceptional communication among critical systems on our mowers. Meaning, we provide reliability, increase durability, and continue to enhance efficiency; therefore, the top-notch performance you deserve.    

Exmark Improves Fuel-efficiency  

At Watermaster, we strive to improve fuel efficiency, which allows for more environmentally friendly equipment. We all want to reduce fuel costs, but the trick is to do it without lowering mower performance. Exmark’s professional grade is succeeding, thanks to advancements in our equipment such as an ultra-efficient EFI engine that is purposely designed to boost fuel economy significantly, compared to conventional carbureted engines. Landscapers and homeowners who use Lazer Z X-Series mowers with our exclusive RED Technology will soon find that they get much better fuel-efficiency, too. Moreover, these mowers are also available in environmentally friendly propane options.   

Exmarks Cutting Edge Innovations 

With cutting-edge innovations comes newer and more improved technology. Today, Exmark’s professional grade offers an even wider and diverse range of turf care products than ever before. From mowers to spreader-sprayers to aerators and so much more, landscapers and homeowners will find the products that best suit their wants and needs. Every product is delivered to be tough enough and reliable enough to bear the Exmark name, creating long-lasting relationships with customers that trust our products.   


For more information and details on Exmark products, please visit the Exmark website.  

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