Spring Sprinkler Tune-Up

It can be a terrible thing to have a sprinkler not work when you need it to, especially if the weather is changing and getting warmer by the day. You should not have to put yourself through that, which is why now is the best time to check your sprinklers to make sure you don’t get stuck in a bad situation.  

Importance of a sprinkler tune-up

It is vital to get routine sprinkler tune-ups, more so than you might think. By being diligent about this, your sprinkler system will continuously stay in tip-top shape, no worry on your end. Another beneficial thing it can offer you is that it can potentially lower your water bill, by correcting any unnecessary watering. Just by doing these few things, your yard will be looking beautiful and watered at just the right amount.  

What a sprinkler tune-up entails

Do-it-yourself or contact a local irrigation contractor. Diligently check and make sure all your sprinkler heads are circling correctly and that you do not have any leaks, clogs, or pressure issues within your system. Making sure the remote is programmed correctly is also one of the most important things included in a sprinkler tune-up. Lastly, it’s imperative to check that your sprinklers are watering the correct areas within their regions. 

To find out when you should be watering your yard, check out the 2019 Lubbock lawn watering schedule. It is broken down by days of the week, and by address. This will help your lawn stay healthy while abiding by the necessary city laws. In case you have not seen the watering schedule yet, take a look at our handy guide here.

Act now

If you hire a contractor, Springtime is their busiest time of year. If you notice something even slightly wrong with your current system, do not hesitate to make an appointment with them.

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