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South Plains Irrigation Association

The South Plains Irrigation Association is a professional organization of Licensed Irrigators on the South Plains of Texas. Our organization also includes Associate members such as landscape architects, licensed installers, employees of regular members, industry professionals, and others with an interest in landscape irrigation. Members must agree to abide by the TTIA Code of Ethics and must also be willing to comply with our Standards of Professional Conduct and Performance. SPIA is committed to responsible use of our water resources and actively promotes water conservation in the Lubbock and South Plains area. SPIA is also an Affiliate Member of the Irrigation Association.


City of Lubbock Water Restrictions

Stay up to date on the current water restrictions imposed by the City of Lubbock. With the Drought Contingency Plan in effect, the City of Lubbock will be strictly enforcing these restrictions. So be educated on what is and what is not allowed, and understand new landscape installations will require an approved variance request to allow the more frequent watering required to help the new plant material establish.


Irrigation Association

The Irrigation Association® is the leading membership organization for irrigation equipment and system manufacturers, dealers, distributors, designers, consultants, contractors and end users. Originally founded in 1949, IA includes over 2,000 corporate and individual members and is dedicated to promoting efficient irrigation.


Texas Turf Irrigation Association

The Texas Turf Irrigation Association (TTIA) is a voluntary organization formed to:

a. promote the development, proper use and acceptance of landscape irrigation
b. promote water and soil conservation
c. promote efficient design, installation, use and maintenance of irrigation systems
d. promote the development of new water resources
e. provide educational services to the industry
f. disseminate information for the protection of water supplies
g. educate the public on the effective and proper use of landscape irrigation
h. carry out such other lawful TTIA activities as the Board of Trustees may direct
i. serve the local irrigation associations