Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller

A successful West Texas farm requires just the right amount of water to flourish. Hydrawise automatically adapts watering based on extremely accurate, internet-sourced weather data for your area. The Hydrawise system looks at the weather history and forecast to make sure that just the right amount of irrigation is used. This is made possible through advanced Predictive Watering™. Predictive Watering™ modifies watering based on the weather data in your area. This leads to noticeable water savings from your irrigation system and saves you both time and money!

watering based on the weather data. This leads to noticeable water savings from your irrigation system and saves you both time and money!

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Weather Stations

Hydrawise uses only the most accurate weather stations accessible. With this adaptable web-based weather system, you can even add your own weather station or use the free, professionally maintained weather stations. Once you start using the Hydrawise system, you will notice an increase of up to 50% in water savings just from the data your weather station provides. No matter how big your farm is, Hydrawise will keep your irrigation system running efficiently based on real-time data and the most up to date weather trends.

Your Crops are Protected

You can relax knowing that with Hydrawise everything you need is in the palm of your hand. Remote access lets you manage, view and monitor your sprinkler system controller from your phone or even a tablet or computer. No matter where you are, you can ensure that your farm gets the proper amount of water from a touch of a button.

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Understand Your Irrigation System

With the Hydrawise app, you can see how much water has been used and how much water you have saved. Advanced reports allow you to see exactly how you used your water so you can better maximize your irrigation system while saving you money. The larger your farm is, the harder it is to keep track of your water usage. Hydrawise makes tracking your water usage easy and 100% manageable.