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Watermaster Irrigation Supply provides a full line of pool accessories for all of your pool supply needs. We provide pipes and fittings, sweeps, valves, spa hoses and pipe glue and primer. We have both ball and check valves available for your convenience.

Ball valves are a common valve for pool plumbing and they are simple to use, making them a good replacement for old gate valves. Check valves are used when there is a change in elevation in a pool and allows for water to balance itself. For instance, if you have a raised hot tub or spa, the check valve will keep the water from draining down to the current water level of the swimming pool.

Spa hoses can be used for pools, ponds and spas and are available in many flexible sizes. We also provide pipe glue and primer to fix or prevent any leaks from affecting your pool system. In addition to maintaining your pool’s pipes and valves, Watermaster can provide you with sweeps to ensure your pool is always clean and maintained. If you already know what you need, make sure to visit our online store and choose from our vast variety of pool products.

  • Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC pipe and fittings
  • Schedule 40 UL Sweeps
  • Ball valves
  • Check valves
  • Spa hoses
  • All lines of PVC pipe glue and primer

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