K-Line Pod Irrigation

The K-Line Pod Irrigation system is very basic and simple, built to withstand extreme temperatures and provide uniform watering.

The only moving parts are the pumps, the sprinkler heads, and the person on the ATV moving the line.

K-Line systems have multiple uses including:
  • Pasture, alfalfa and forage irrigation
  • Effluent disposal
  • Sod farm Irrigation
  • Vegetable and orchard irrigation
  • Land reclamation
  • Fire and dust control
  • Logging moisture control
  • Golf courses
  • Indoor and outdoor arena conditioning or dust control
  • Racetrack & equestrian conditioning

Benefits of Using K-Line Pod Irrigation

Shifting the K-Line is Easy

Moving the K-Line system is fast and efficient. The K-Line can be moved while the sprinklers are still operating, saving time. By using an ATV, a 500-foot line of sprinklers can easily be repositioned in under four minutes. Shifting is usually done once a day at a suitable time for the operator.

K-Line works on all Terrain

K-Line’s many advantages include sprinklers that offer consistent water delivery, even in very uneven terrain. Pressure compensated sprinklers result in great uniformity, with hills or longer lateral lines.

K-Line Irrigation Fits

K-Line irrigation is created to fit the field. K-Line can be moved around obstacles – resulting in substantial initial cost savings. Rotational graziers like the way K-Line adjusts to their field layout.

K-Line Irrigation Pods are Durable

K-Line pods are very strong, one piece polyethylene units with an integral, long-lasting weighted base and designed to shield internal sprinkler parts. With K-line sprinklers, the water seeps deep into the soil with scarce or no run-off. With this slow absorption method, every valuable gallon goes even further.

K-Line Irrigation Tubing is Durable

The heavy-duty K-Line tubing is an essential part of the system and uniquely formulated to endure extreme temperatures. K-Line tubing withstands exposure to UV while staying flexible with the required lateral strength for shifting. Specialized heavy duty fittings are intended to resist the strain of line movement as sprinklers are operating. The unique green lines show pipe size and support the pipe during installation.

Livestock are not Effected by K-Line

Livestock is not affected nor do they mess with them – they like to graze around the operating sprinklers especially on hot days.

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