How to Save Irrigation Water During the Winter

Winter weather can be disastrous for sprinkler and irrigation systems. Therefore, we always recommend winterizing your system before the first freeze. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your irrigation pipes are ready for water to flow through them again in the spring, but while we already have information on how to winterize, we should also explain the reason why we winterize. 

Why Do I Need to Winterize My Irrigation System?

Irrigation lines are susceptible to the same threats that the pipes inside your home face in winter weather. When freezing temperatures prolong, water freezing inside pipes becomes more likely. Frozen water is the bane of all water pipes, whether in your home or not. As water freezes, it expands. The expansion of an object as it cools is unusual because most things shrink as they fall in temperature, but water does the opposite. So when pipes begin to shrink around expanding ice, cracks and breaks are likely to occur, leading to costly repairs and the need for your irrigation specialist to dig up your beautiful yard.

Winter in West Texas can get very cold and stay that way for extended lengths of time. Rather than risking damage to your irrigation system, we recommend winterizing your system to avoid unwanted emergencies. Turning off your irrigation for the winter doesn’t just save your yard from future repair work; it also saves your wallet.

How Do I Save by Winterizing My Irrigation? 

In winter, your lawn goes dormant like other plants and trees, which means it doesn’t require the same amount of water as it does in spring and summer. Therefore, it’s only necessary to water your yard once or twice a month when there is no natural precipitation present, and you can do this type of watering with a water hose. 

By turning off your sprinklers and winterizing them, you will be drastically reducing your water usage, which isn’t just good for your bank account; it also helps the environment. Watering your lawn more than once or twice a month creates wasted water usage. It’s always a good idea to conserve water whenever you can. 

Finally, by winterizing your irrigation system, you are ensuring that the system is safe from the damaging effects of a long freeze. This ensures that you’re ready to start irrigating again when spring comes around without costly repairs. 

Call the Experts

Watermaster is committed to helping you solve your irrigation issues and ensure that your system runs optimally. You can check out our “How To” on winterization or contact us to ensure it’s done correctly. Whatever it takes, Watermaster wants to be sure that you’re fully supported for whatever winter blows our way. 

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