Top 10 Holiday Gifts for The Gardener in Your Life

The holidays are right around the corner and breaking that age-old tradition of waiting until the last minute to buy your favorite people gifts is proving difficult. It’s true; old habits die hard. Well, fear not! Watermasters is here to help you with those who have particular interests and ensure you show up to the holidays as a winner. Have you been wondering what to get the garden lover in your life this Christmas? Well, that’s the question that prompted us to compile a list of great gifts to get your master gardener this holiday season. 

Gifts for the Gardener Who has Everything

Indoor Growing Solutions

Gardeners have a bad habit of bringing things that belong outside into the home. From small herbal garden kits to more giant vertical planters, these are the perfect gifts for friends and family who seem to want to build a jungle in their homes. Propagation stations have also become a trendy gift which can add a decorative flare to any room while also serving a purpose. 


Gardeners will sit on anything while they prune and dig. Addressing this issue, several companies have created nifty garden seats with tool storage and a design to help eliminate neck and back pain. The gardener in your life will love how easy this addition makes their work!


Gardening Literature

When it comes to plants, it seems like information is neverending. Books discussing proper garden and plant care could be a great gift for a gardener. These could also make a great addition to your coffee table as a beautiful looking display book. 


Gardening is easier to get into today than ever, and new gadgets are constantly being released to help gardeners get the most out of their greens. The days of soil moisture meters, weather systems, and electronic bug repellents are here to help gardeners in their endeavors. 

Garden tools

This one might seem a bit obvious and not as creative as some of the other options on our list, but don’t underestimate the power of something shiny. Gardeners will say they are committed to their tools, but as soon as that new shovel with its sharp, never-before-used tip hits the soil, they’ll never look back. In addition, gardening tool sets are relatively inexpensive, so if you are looking for something cheap, this is an excellent option. 

Signage and Decorations

Many gardeners go above and beyond to make the land they are working on look pleasant and welcoming. Decorations and ornaments are the perfect gift for these people. Whether it’s adding some wind chimes, fountains, or vegetable labels, these are the perfect solutions to glam up any garden. 


Cocktail Kits

Perhaps the best gift to share with the gardener in your life, these cocktail kits help you grow herbs for the purpose of using in cocktails. This can be a fun gift for everyone involved, and there is always the sense of pride that comes from growing something from scratch. 


Jars and Canning Materials

If your gardener is of the fruit and vegetable variety, jars and canning materials may be the way to go. Nothing would make them happier than showing up to a holiday party with cans of apple jelly or peach jam to disperse around the room. 


Lighting has become as much a part of gardening as planting and pruning. While UV lights can serve a purpose to help plants grow, decorative lights will also add a flair in the evenings to your garden setup. 


More Plants

If all else fails, the foolproof plan has been there all along. Buy the plant person more plants! Whatever you decide to get your favorite gardener this holiday season, know that they will appreciate it and be thankful that they have someone in their corner to support their favorite hobby continually. 


From all of us at Watermasters, we wish you the best in your holiday shopping and don’t forget to call us for all your irrigation needs. We’re here to help you ensure your yards, gardens, and farms get access to the water that will help them grow. 


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