How to Make A Cactus Garden

If you have the itch to get your hands dirty and plant something, a cactus garden is an enjoyable gardening activity to do whenever it’s in the middle of intense summer heat. If you’re looking for a solo gardening project or family-friendly activity, making a container garden is fun and useful. No green thumb required! You can even throw in some succulents.

Choose your Cacti (and succulents).

Cacti plants come in a wide variety of color, shapes, and sizes. So, when you go to purchase them from a home center or greenhouse, pick whatever plants that suit your needs. Just make sure they’re all plants that tolerate full sun. Don’t be afraid to get eclectic with your pairings; container gardens are meant to be fun!

Pick out your container.

Get creative with your cacti container selection. Most any container will do, as long as it is shallow. You can pick out a plant container that catches your eye, or you can decorate your own. We especially recommend DIY containers for a family activity.

Add potting materials.

Fun fact: cacti require a particular type of potting soil because most other soils retain too much moisture for plants to thrive. But before you loosely fill your container with soil, put a layer of small rocks or gravel in the bottom.

Arrange until it’s perfect.

Let your inner floral designer come out by experimenting with some different arrangements. Don’t try to pot them without looking at the size of the plants, or you might have regrets. Once you are comfortable with the design, you can begin the planting process.

Safely plant cacti.

To get them out of their original containers, and potted into your new container, you’ll need to protect your hands from the pricks of the cacti. Here are a few must-haves: Gardening gloves, folded newspaper, or cardboard will be sufficient. If the cacti cling to their original container, try going around the edges with a knife. Once they’re out of the old container, dig shallow holes for each cactus in the soil of the new container and gently place them in. After that, pack the plants into the soil by gently firming the soil with a spoon or small trowel. Add more potting mix if necessary.

Water and enjoy.

Luckily, cacti are low-maintenance. They only need to be watered whenever the soil has dried completely. The rest of the summer you can enjoy seeing your little cacti grow.

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