Agriculture: Water Recycling For Feedlots And Dairies

Water is necessary for livestock, especially for feedlots and dairies. Most people don’t realize, however, that places like these use 10 to 20 million gallons of water yearly. Without having the proper recycling equipment, this could lead to wasting one of our most critical natural resources.  

Water recycling isn’t a want; it’s a need.

Feedlots and dairies do use gallons and gallons of water, most of which would usually end up wasted or running off and overflowing lagoons and lakes. Neither of these is beneficial to the environment or helpful to the people that run the facilities. Wouldn’t it be incredible if there was something that we could do about this issue, and execute it in a way that benefits every party involved?  

How it works

The water recycling system that we have developed all starts with the plumbing of the overflow lines and transfers them into one location. Once the water accumulates into this underground location, the system pumps it into a filtration system. After the unclean water turns into filtered water, it transfers itself to an above ground storage tank, where the water can be chlorinated if needed. Once the above ground storage is to its capacity, the water then travels into UV filters. Lastly, the water is then metered and then integrated back into the livestock supply system.  

Cool, right? We think so.  

The benefit of water recycling

Our team has partnered with resourceful companies to bring this vision to life and make a system that helps save the planet. The water recycling system was designed to be able to filter through up to 100 million gallons per year. Thus, making it extremely possible for the feedlots and dairies to have unlimited access to a water supply, due to the system filtering and refiltering the necessary resource. Even if just a small percentage of these establishments in the United States utilized our Feedlot Overflow Recycling systems, the cattle industry could be able to save hundreds of billions of water gallons every year.  

Our team finds joy in being able to do our part in helping the environment. We do what we can to improve the efficiency of water recycling at dairy and feedlot facilities.

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