Landscape Lighting Tips for Summer Get-Togethers

Create The Ambiance You Desire…

Don’t cut your time outside in your gorgeous landscape short just because it’s dark out. Instead, install landscape lighting. With your yard lit up, you can have summer gatherings that go well into the night. Outdoor lighting will also make your property safer and more valuable. That’s why we think a lighting upgrade is a summertime must.

Lay it out.

While landscape lighting is practical and safe, it can also be design-oriented. You’ll want to place lights to highlight your home’s landscape design so you can enjoy it during all hours of the day.  

Choose focal points.

With lighting, there’s no way to make every aspect of your yard stand out, so it’s essential to pick focal points in the landscape that you want to highlight. Whether its a tree that you love or a water fixture that’s interesting, decide on critical objects and design around them.

Add depth.

By creating lines of light throughout your yard, you can add considerable depth to your landscape even when it’s dark out. Focus on pathways, the edges of your home and flower beds whenever deciding on lighting patterns.

Create ambiance.

There’s a reason they call it “mood lighting,” thoughtful lighting design can create ambiance, in a romantic restaurant or your backyard. Before you get into the details of where you will place the lighting, you need to decide on the “vibe” you want for your landscape. A romantic vibe calls for a different lighting strategy than if you’re going to throw rockin’ pool parties.

Three Lighting Strategies

How light is aimed entirely changes how it looks, even if the bulb and everything else stays the same. You can produce different lighting effects depending on how the lights are aiming relative to one another.


For romantic, moonlit vibes most landscape designers recommend downlighting from a tree. It creates a softer lighting effect that is meant to replicate moonlight. Downlighting is all about the ambiance. Add downlighting to your patio, and suddenly you have a romantic date night spot.


Whenever a light is shined up, it highlights the shape and form of whatever it shined on. For landscape lighting, old trees are ideal candidates for uplighting, because their branches create visual drama. Also, uplighting is excellent for showcasing robust architectural features of your home, like columns and stacked stone.


Light artists use cross-lighting to eliminate shadows from both sides of a focal point. It creates a pronounced visual effect that is hard for anyone to ignore. Cross-lighting is best for objects with unusual shapes like a stone or cacti bed.

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