Prepare Your Lawn Mower for Spring

Make sure your mower is up to the task before the grass grows.

Drain the gasoline.

At the end of every mowing season, you’ll want to drain the gasoline out of your lawnmower. Alternatively, you’ll want to drain it at the beginning of the season if you forgot. Old gasoline is a common culprit for a “broken” lawnmower, so just get some new gas for spring.

Check the oil.

Gasoline and oil are not the same things! Just like a car, your lawnmower needs regular oil changes. If your oil is a darkish color or has debris floating in it, go ahead and drain it out and replace the oil. To change the oil, remove the drain plug underneath the mower and allow it to drain completely. If your mower doesn’t have a drain plug, you’ll need to carefully tilt the mower on its side and drain the oil through the fill hole. Your owner’s manual or a quick Google search can tell you what type of oil to put in your mower.

Clean out the undercarriage.

Your mower has this thing called a discharge chute. An undercarriage that’s clogged with grass blades can block the chute. So you’ll want clean your undercarriage before mowing this spring. Before cleaning the undercarriage with a wire brush or water hose, disconnect the spark plug.

Replace the air filter.

Just like your home, lawnmowers need air filters. A dirty filter increases strain on your mower and causes the gas to burn less efficiently. It’s smart to replace the air filters on your mower annually since filters are cheap but lawnmowers are not.

Change the spark plug.

Like the air filter, the spark plug is easy and cheap to replace annually. Unhook the spark plug wire and remove the old plug with a socket or spark plug wrench. When placing the new one, make sure not to overtighten, or your mower may not start.

Sharpen the blade.

The blades of your mower endure a lot of wear and tear, which can make them dull. As you probably know, a dull blade isn’t very useful. If you’re experienced and handy, you can sharpen your own blades with a metal file. Otherwise, we recommend calling a professional!

We carry Exmark mowers and can have them serviced for you if you need help preparing your lawn mower for the Spring.

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