How To Care For Your Lawn This Winter

How To Care For Your Lawn This Winter

You might be surprised to learn that proper lawn care is just as important in the winter as it is in the spring and summer. Steps need to be taken during the colder months to ensure that healthy green grass grows in your yard come springtime. Don’t lock up the tool shed for the winter just yet! Try following these guidelines to properly care for your lawn this winter.


Proper mowing practices need to continue until your grass goes dormant. If your lawn is overseeded, meaning that it maintains its green color during the winter, then you will need to keep mowing throughout the winter months.

Try the practice of “grass-cycling”, which is to simply leave the grass clippings in the yard after mowing. Up to 25 percent of the fertilizer your lawn needs can be provided from this simple trick, as grass clippings decompose quickly and contain valuable nutrients. Alternatively, collect the grass clippings and use them as a mulch.


The only way to be sure your lawn needs fertilization is through a soil test. Collect a soil sample and take to your local county extension office; the results will determine if fertilization is needed to adjust your soil’s pH balance. If soil testing is unavailable to you, use a complete turf-grade fertilizer with a 4-1-2 ratio.

Tip: If your lawn is composed of bermudagrass, only fertilize the lawn if it has been overseeded.


Tall fescue grass needs a weekly application of about 1 inch of water, and even more frequently if your grass grows in sandy soil. Bermudagrass that has gone dormant for the winter only needs watering if the weather has become excessively dry, warm or windy. If your bermudagrass is overseeded, continue your spring and summer watering practices throughout the winter.

Weed Control

Apply broadleaf herbicides to control cudweed, dandelions and other weeds that may sprout in your yard. Always read labels carefully to ensure you are applying the most appropriate type of weed control for your grass type.


From mowing to fertilizing and everything in between, you will have plenty to keep you busy during the winter months. If you’d prefer to spend your winter cozied up by the fireplace, instead of out in the cold watering your grass, contact Watermaster Irrigation Supply to learn more about how high-quality irrigation products can improve your lawn care. Contact Watermaster Irrigation by visiting their website or calling their toll-free number 800-658-2002.

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