5 Landscape Lighting Tips and Tricks

5 Landscape Lighting Tips and Tricks

Illuminate your home and landscape with these five tips and tricks.

Lighting Objects

When using lighted objects in your front yard, it is important to use the right colors and shades for optimal aesthetics. Objects lower to the ground look best when you use cool tones such as white or blue.

Adding Depth

When lighting your exterior, a common mistake is applying lights to your home, but that can leave your landscape design looking bland. Add a little TLC to your yard and light your walkway to add depth to your landscape.

Emphasize Entryways

To create a dramatic and attention-grabbing entry, try backlighting pillars and columns instead of spotlighting them. This will make your front door glow and add emphasis and depth to smaller porches.


Shadows are just as beautiful as the lighting that creates them. Use light and shadow to emphasize unique features of your home, such as beautiful stonework or an outdoor water feature.

Less is More

Indirect, soft lighting is often best. No one wants a harsh spotlight on them while trying to play in the pool or relax on the front porch. Installing lights high above will soften the lighting and create a comfortable, cozy feel around your home.

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