Hydrawise Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller

Looking for better ways to conserve water, save money, and optimize your in-ground irrigation system? The Hydrawise Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller is auto-adjusting to weather and soil conditions, making a healthy landscape easier while also cutting down on water usage. Maintain a wholesome, beautiful garden and forget the inaccuracies of the local weatherman with Hydrawise.  


This system can look at the weather forecast to assure that the proper amount of irrigation is used for your garden or yard; this is achieved by Predictive Watering™, which provides daily schedule adjustments based on local weather data from past and current forecast temperature, rainfall, humidity, and wind speed. This then leads to noticeable water saving from sprinkler systems, which save you time and money! 

Weather Stations  

Hydrawise utilizes only the most accurate and local stations, and an adaptable web-based weather system allows you to add your local weather station or use free, professionally maintained weather stations. With the Hydrawise weather station, you will begin to see immediate results, such as saving up to 50% on your water bill. By being able to adapt to every seasonal change, you will use less and less water as the temperatures fluctuate and save money during changing seasons.  

Remote Access 

Want to be able to manage your irrigation from wherever you are, whenever you want? Have peace of mind knowing that with Hydrawise, everything you need is in the palm of your hand. With remote access, you can manage, view, and monitor your sprinkler system right from your phone or computer at any location. Forget the days of centralized and attached units, as Hydrawise allows complete control over your system with the touch of the button, no matter where you may be. 

Understand Your Irrigation System 

Not only does Hydrawise adapt to weather conditions, utilize local stations, and have remote access- it also provides in-depth reports through an app. Be able to see exactly how much water has been used and how much water you have saved. This way, you can easily adjust your sprinkler system settings to match your home. Take the guessing out of the equation and maximize water conservation and save money with Hydrawise. 


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