How To Save On Your Water Bill

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Hydrawise™ irrigation uses data to maximize water usage.

We all love having green lawns in the spring and summer. But that can cause us to lose some green in our wallets. Luckily, new sprinkler systems on the market use innovative technology to conserve water usage. With a system like Hydrawise™, irrigating your lawn becomes less expensive without sacrificing the overall health of your yard. 

What is Hydrawise™?

This system looks at daily weather forecasts and historical trends to ensure the right amount of irrigation is used. This is achieved via advanced Predictive Watering™, which fine-tunes sprinkling based on the weather data. Hydrawise™ acts like a virtual rain sensor. This leads to noticeable water savings from your sprinkler system and saves time and money. It also adjusts seasonally so that it will save money throughout the year.

How does it work?

Hydrawise™ uses internet-sourced data for your area to automatically adapt watering based on the time of year and geographic factors in your area. You choose any airport weather station for the regular plan at no cost. With the advanced weather pack, the Enthusiast Plan provides access to more than 100,000 personal, airport, and official weather stations.

Additionally, Hydrawise™ can be controlled by you anytime, anywhere—no more centralized and attached units. Remote access lets you manage, view and monitor your sprinkler system controller conveniently from your phone (using the iPhone or Android app) or computer at any location. Hydrawise™ even integrates with most smart home technology, like Amazon Alexa. “Alexa, how does my lawn look?”

Will Hydrawise™ save me money?

The technology of Hydrawise™ can reduce water costs by 50%. For potential customers, Hydrawise™ has a water-saving calculator that can pinpoint how much you could save, depending on where you live. The more irrigation information you have, the more enabled you are to reduce water costs on your property.

How can I get moreInformationn?

The installation process for Hydrawise™ is quick and easy. If you are interested in moreInformationn about the Hydrawise™ controller, you can contact Watermaster Irrigation or call 806-797-9044.

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