How Do Irrigation Systems Work – What You Should Know

What works for you? Different Irrigation Systems and their Benefits. 

Water is an important part of gardening and crop success. Amateur green-thumbs and seasoned agricultural professionals know how important, expensive, and time-consuming watering can be when not handled properly. Irrigation helps crops get the water they need to grow well. It is a key factor in plant science and a tool that has been used for centuries. Many modern irrigation techniques are allowing for greater success on large and small scales every day. With these different options, it’s important to recognize how each irrigation system works as this will determine which choice is the best for your needs.

What is Irrigation? 

Irrigation is a simple idea. It means bringing water to places where it isn’t arriving naturally. There are many ways to irrigate. The way you choose to water your plants affects their growth and the cost of their production. 


What Types of Irrigation are There? 

Surface Irrigation
Also known as flood irrigation, surface irrigation is the most affordable way to get water to your plants. It is also the simplest form of irrigation. Water is applied to the land where your crops are, and gravity is what moves the water once it arrives. Furrow irrigation (a type of surface irrigation) involves digging channels along the plane that you want to water. Those furrows use gravity to direct the water where you want it to end up.


Overhead Irrigation
Overhead irrigation is the most versatile type of irrigation. It can be used to transport water through large overhead aluminum tubes or sturdy K-Line tubing for agricultural fields. On a small scale, overhead irrigation works with watering spikes.


Sprinkler Irrigation
Sprinkler systems are typically the choice for residential irrigation. While still the most popular small-scale option, there are simple ways of making these systems more water-use efficient and cost-effective. Making sure that plants on different watering schedules and areas with different heat exposure get the proper amount of hydration is why irrigation design is so important! Hydrawise systems can be controlled from your phone, put on timers, and self-adjust based on the weather. This allows for maximum water use and cost savings.

Drip Irrigation
Drip irrigation is extremely water conservative and highly efficient. Drip irrigation is constantly being updated due to how well it brings water directly to root structures with minimum water waste. New technology for drip irrigation is prolonging the lifespan and durability of these systems, making them a more affordable choice in both long-term and short-term investments.

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