Spring Check List

Spring Start Up Check List

✔ Make sure there is power to your controller. Verify that it is plugged in and add new batteries if necessary.

✔ Individually turn on each zone of your controller to verify proper operation.

✔ Check to see if all sprinklers pop up.

✔ Check for any leaks and look for any low pressure areas, which could be a line break or a missing sprinkler.

✔ Check for proper rotation of each sprinkler and coverage of the area you are watering.

✔ Adjust any sprinklers that are spraying onto sidewalks, driveways, fences, etc.

✔ Check and clean filters on poorly performing sprinklers.

✔ If any sprinklers are below grade, adjust as necessary to make sure they are not being blocked.

✔ Reprogram your controller to water on your assigned days in a cycle and soak method to prevent runoff.